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Synopsis:  Founded in 1869, Cherry Grove (Fire Island, NY) is considered by most to be the first openly LGBTQ community in the United States.  It has become known as one of the most accepting resort communities – a place where you can not only discover who you are, but also freely experiment with who or what (gender) you may want to become.  Cherry Grove is also known for the famous “INVASION” – an annual ritual that takes place every July 4th as a celebration of gender acceptance that culminates with a grand reception in the harbor of Fire Island Pines.  This film tells the stories of a variety of long-term residents and what they find so wonderful about life in Cherry Grove.


Featuring:  Ariel Sinclair, Bella, Bob “Rose” Levine, Daniel Nardicio, Robin Byrd, Barbara Ann Levy, Carl Luss, Diane Romano, Lorraine Michels, Denise Harbin, Michael Gurette, Joan Van Ness, Lady Gaga cameo, Liza Minelli cameo, Logan Hardcore, Gil Neary, Panzi, Porsche, Robin Kradles, Sal Piro, The Cherry Grove Guys, The Twins (Ruth & Susan), plus many more colorful characters & free spirits. 


Runtime - 1:19:5


      Coming of Age in Cherry Grove - Official Trailer:


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